What are the Factors that cause Dental Implant Failure?

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What are the Factors that cause Dental Implant Failure?

In Sydney, Dental implants are more popular when compared to other teeth replacement options available. It has also been found that almost 95{36676140791fa8d564ce61980260da521145ef727de1af0c0e99404a2777ebe5} of the dental implant procedures are finished successfully without any issues. However, because of various factors complications can occur with Dental implants that could even lead to the failure of the whole procedure. Here are the top challenges faced by the dental implants in Sydney,

Poor Osseointegration

The formation of a connection between the bone of a person and the artificial implant both structurally and functionally is described as Osseointegration. This is a gradual process which can take months to get completed. If there is a failure in Osseointegration, then the implants becomes shaky(eventually fall out) or the patient suffers bone loss of more than 1mm after the first year and more than 0.2 mm after the second year.

Insufficient bone density or volume

Dental implants cannot last long if there the patient has no sufficient jawbone to support the implants. In this case, the patient may require bone graft procedures to make them suitable for dental implants.


It is a type of failure caused by exerting undue pressure or force over the abutment of the implant, disrupting the osseointegration process. This is mainly caused if the abutments and the crowns are placed on the post before the implant integration is complete.


It is one of the common complications and causes inflammation of the gums and the bone surrounding the implants. This infection occurs due to the presence of bacteria during the oral surgery or in the post-surgery period due to the lack of proper oral hygiene. The dental cements that are used to affix the artificial crowns to the abutment can also cause this problem when it escapes from under the crown to the gums during the cementation.

Nerve and tissue damage

Just as any other invasive procedures, tissue damage occurs during the procedure of tooth implants in Sydney. However, when the tissue surrounding the implants especially the nerves get affected, you would have to experience extreme pain, excessive bleeding and numbness over the area around the mouth. This is a rare occurrence often caused when the implants are positioned incorrectly by an inexperienced dentist.

Sinus issues

It is difficult to fix dental implants in the upper jaw of the patient, if the individual is suffering from sinus problems. Therefore, your dentist would perform sinus augmentation to build a strong bone foundation in the upper jaw.

Rejected as a foreign body

It is possible that your body could reject dental implants considering it as a foreign object, just like organ transplants.

Implant material failure

Though they are metals, dental implants in Sydney can also bend or break when subjected to excessive external force.

If you choose an experienced dental surgeon who has high experience in implantology, he would perform the procedure with such a care that the problems mentioned above are avoided.

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