Ward off depression in the best way – Don’t let hard times get on you

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Ward off depression in the best way – Don’t let hard times get on you

When you are hit with tough times, you will be sent off to depression but you don’t have to succumb to that always. Life will always throw you challenges, sometimes in the form of divorce, unemployment, illness or passing away of someone loved. All this can make you feel low at times. However, there are times when positive events like getting married, celebrating holidays and buying a new home can make you feel disappointed when things don’t go as you expect them to go.

There are times when you may feel harder to fight back against such a situation. But you’re fortunate enough to know that you’re more resilient than what you may think. Feelings of depression can be temporary and you can get expert techniques from barring sadness from turning to depression. Here are few tips.

  • Exercise control

You won’t be able to help yourself whenever you’re struck with depression but you can at least handle the way you react. The most vital step in eliminating depression is in taking charge of your life. In case you lost your job and you feel depressed about it, you should start thinking in a positive manner. Think of what to do now, who you can call and where you can get help with your resume.

  • Remember your past successes

Think of an event when you won over a crucial adversity, the last time you swam through a very difficult period, how you had assisted a friend despite all odds or how you successfully completed a tough project. How could you do it? Such things will remind you how resourceful and capable you can be as a person.

  • Focus more on your health

It is tempting enough to seek recluse through alcohol or by smoking or having junk food. But this will only affect your well-being or you leave you with a worse feeling. Just as the rest of your body will respond when you lead a healthy lifestyle, your brain will also benefit. When you focus more on your health, your mind will have the power to ward off troubles.

  • Stay connected with others

Even though you might not feel like, push yourself to spend enough time with friends and family. You can make new connections by signing for an exercise class, volunteer for a cause or join a hobbyist club so that you can get involved in several community activities. Isolation will make you feel more depressed.

  • Say ‘No’ to stress

Whenever you go through stress, the nervous system of your body will force you to take action. Your speed of breathing and your heart rate will pump up and the blood vessels will constrict. If you wish to reverse the physical response, activate your nervous system. Count till 10, perform the breathing exercises and laugh out loud in order to feel better.

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