Guides on the different grades of maple syrup

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Guides on the different grades of maple syrup

Whether you are a new to the platform of pure maple syrup or a seasoned veteran wholesale maple syrup buyer, you may be amazed to know just how many types and maple grades exist for this real product. It is vital to understand the grading system that includes five grades depending on the flavor profiles.

  • Grade A golden color – delicate taste maple syrup: this light flavor is one of the slightest of all the maple syrup grades. It is made former in the period during colder climates; this smooth syrup flavor is perfect for maple candies and maple cream.
  • Grade A amber color – rich taste syrup: it is slightly darker than the golden delicate maple syrup and is famous for its smooth maple syrup. This is made in the mid-season while the climate begins to warm. Its fine and unique flavor is often utilized for table syrup.
  • Grade A dark color – robust taste syrup: this full-bodied maple syrup is made in sugaring season. The color as well as flavor is slightly stronger and intense than the amber. And also this maple syrup is so rich; it is great as a topping and for cooking.
  • Grade A very dark color – strong taste maple syrup: this is the strongest maple syrup grade and typically used for cooking purposes.
  • Processing grade maple syrup: this is dark syrup provide a strong maple flavor. This grade is extremely popular among food manufacturers.

Why are all maple syrup brands not equal?

The quality, size, and a consistent may change from one product to another, these are the main reasons for the variation among brands. If you want consistently high-quality syrup for your products, you need to get a bulk maple syrup supplier. And also buy the maple syrup that is certified organic.


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