Are You A Candidate For Cosmetic Surgery?

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Are You A Candidate For Cosmetic Surgery?

A good candidate is the one who is healthy, the one who has reasonable expectations and knows the risks of such procedure. In addition, you should also know which surgeon to book your procedure with; for example, the droopy eyelid surgery by Dr Naveen Somia is bound to satisfy your needs.

However, if you have serious health issues, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, a bleeding disorder, depression or heart disease, you are not considered to be a good candidate for a cosmetic surgery. On top of that, if you smoke, or drink too much alcohol; if you are obese, you also fall under the category of not good candidates.

Some changes might be required before the surgery takes place. For example, your surgeon might ask you to quit smoking (if you are a smoker) for two to four weeks before the cosmetic surgery, including two to four weeks after. This way your skin will be able to properly heal, and if you do not smoke, you should try and avoid secondhand smoke before the surgery.

Smoking is overall bad for you, especially if you intend to have a cosmetic surgery

The consultation is important

Before you have the surgery, you should have a long talk with your surgeon about your lifestyle (including drinking, smoking, and exercise), health, any medications or supplements you take, and any condition you have. This conversation will help you know if surgery is a good option for you.

Final decision

The type of your skin and other unique characteristics you might have should be considered before making the final decision. For example, people who have light-colored hair and fair skin are the best candidates for skin resurfacing techniques, while people with delicate and thin nasal skin are the best for nose surgeries.

                                                                      Cosmetic surgery does have its flaws

Lip Augmentation

You are a great candidate for this surgery if you are older and your lips have thinned, or if you are a bit younger and you want plump lips. However, you are not a good candidate if you have taken the drug called Accutane, or if you have diabetes, herpes, or autoimmune dieses like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.

Cheek and Chin implants

If you have flat cheekbones or early sagging of the cheek, you will make a great candidate, but if you have excess sagging of the cheek you should consider a facelift. In addition, weak chin or an unbalanced one will make you a great candidate for a chin implant, while having an abnormal dental bite will require jaw realignment.

Forehead and nasal surgery

Heavy eyebrows, frown lines or deep forehead wrinkles are meant to be corrected with a brow lift, while balding and scars make you a bad candidate. For those of you who have a crooked nose with a bump, you will make a great candidate, while the ones who have thick skin, play a contact sport or are a child, will not make a great candidate.

Eyelid surgery

Those who have droopy eyelids, puffiness around their eyes or bags, are a great candidate for this surgery. However, if you have fine lines, dark circles or crow’s feet you might want to consider something else.

Final word

In the end, when you choose the surgery you want, be sure that you chose it for yourself, and nobody else. On top of that, you should also find a great doctor, for example, you can call Dr. Naveen Somia, because a great cosmetic surgeon like him, will surely give you what you’ve paid for.

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